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JX-Custom "Synergy" Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

JX-Custom "Synergy" Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The JX-Custom “Synergy” tenor saxophone mouthpiece, inspired by the renowned Dave Guardala "Brandford Marsalis" model, is meticulously handcrafted using a special stainless steel lost-wax casting mold.
It boasts a uniquely individual and modern tone, combining the qualities of stainless steel with the classic design of DG to achieve the utmost concentration and flexibility. The sound is direct, and powerful, with remarkably solid low tones and a warm richness. Its unmatched projection makes it perfect for playing both pop and jazz music, it's an ideal choice for those seeking a mouthpiece that delivers a blend of contemporary character and classic design.

Item Details:
* Available finishes: stainless steel finish or smooth gold color finish
* Mouthpiece material: stainless steel
* For tenor saxophone in B-flat
* Baffle: Medium height step baffle
* Chamber Medium chamber
* Available sizes: 6/7/8
* Tip openings: Size 6 = 90 tip opening; Size 7 = 100 tip opening; Size 8 = 110 tip opening
* Styles: Jazz & Pop

Includes FREE SHIPPING*, Mouthpiece Case, Ligature, and Mouthpiece Cap. 
*Cheapest shipping rates apply. Shipping time varies depending on the shipping destination. Contact us for expedited shipping options.

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