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JX-Custom “Legacy” Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

JX-Custom “Legacy” Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The JX-Custom “Legacy” tenor saxophone mouthpiece, is inspired by the renowned FL model. It is meticulously crafted using a special stainless steel lost-wax casting mold. All pieces are hand-finished with our precision tools. 
Its tone is rich, deep, and bright, offering strong control. It excels in dynamic expression, making it the perfect choice if you need an all-around, high-performance mouthpiece. Ideal for playing both pop and jazz music, it's sure to meet all your musical needs.
Item Details:
* Available finishes: gold color or stainless steel
* Mouthpiece material: stainless steel
* For tenor saxophone in B-flat
* Baffle: Roll-Over Baffle
* Chamber: Bullet chamber
* Available sizes: 6/7/8
* Tip openings: Size 6 = 90 tip opening; Size 7 = 100 tip opening; Size 8 = 105 tip opening
* Styles: Jazz & Pop

Includes FREE SHIPPING*, Mouthpiece Case, Ligature, and Mouthpiece Cap. 
*Cheapest shipping rates apply. Shipping time varies depending on the shipping destination. Contact us for expedited shipping options. 

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